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How To Prepare for Law Entrance Exams 2022 & 2023 with CLAT Online Coaching

How To Prepare for Law Entrance Exams 2022 & 2023 with CLAT Online Coaching

Abigail Adams once said, “Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.”


When almost two years ago the world got hit by COVID-19, one of the deadliest pandemics in the history of pandemics, the education industry took a huge blow. The uncertainty of things getting back to normal and the unpredictability of the frequency or length of the lockdowns caused worry all around and made everyone antsy. 

With everything going into a pause mode due to continuous lockdowns and suspension of services, the halt in all the education activities created chaos and confusion among the students and parents alike.

That’s when the education industry as a whole gathered all its resources and decided to make its best efforts to help all the students around the world with their educational needs. Online Coaching Feature was introduced. 

There were market leaders in the industry who already held years of experience in providing Online Coaching, so other companies and institutions were able to follow the process with the help of the benchmark and standards set by them.

Our topic of discussion today on CLAT Online Coaching is a reflection of what we were talking about above.

CLAT Online Coaching

CLAT is one of the most well-known National Level Law Entrance Exams which is conducted by the NLU’s Consortium. On top of that, CLAT is considered one of the most difficult entrance exams to crack.

Therefore, with its hard-earned reputation of being one of the toughest entrance exams, it can easily be combined along the lines of JEE or NEET entrance exams, which makes it one of those entrance exams where you need hardcore preparation with complete diligence and dedicated focus and also some amount of luck as well, only then one might be able to land a seat in their dream college.

That’s why the Edtech Companies, Entrance Exam Coachings, and Educational Institutions, all worked really hard on providing the law aspirants with the best CLAT Online Coaching. National Level Entrance Exams hold the title for being the most challenging when it comes to clearing them in the first go, which makes joining CLAT Online Coaching a necessity. 

Therefore, for the students aspiring to make a career in the field of law, clearing the CLAT Entrance Exam on the first attempt with a high score is a must.

In order to do that, they need guidance in the right direction which can only be obtained via proper training from the Experts belonging to one of the best CLAT Online Coachings who hold valuable experience in their respective fields. Now that we’ve established that, next on our list of discussion are the many questions which future law aspirants might have concerning CLAT Online Coaching, such as its features, procedure, benefits, and advantages, fees, etc. 

Therefore, We have come up with a list that includes the top Law Entrance Exam Preparation Coaching Institutes to help you make the right decision for your future.

So, without further ado, let's dive in and get to know a little more than you did before about the best Online Coachings for your CLAT Preparation. Put on your thinking hat because as you'd proceed, each coaching will try its best to attract you and in the end you'll pick the one that you'll most click with, rejecting all the others...

Okay, that's enough drama for one day! Let's go check out the top 7 CLAT Online Coachings and then we'll answer the burning questions you all ask frequently related to CLAT Online Coaching!

Hope we’ll be of some help to you!

Which is The Best Online Coaching for CLAT?

As you've either just completed your 12th or you're still pursuing your 12th and at the same time, you've decided what you're going to do in the future. And you've chosen the field of law and now you're striving to make a career in law. And to do that, you now know already that you have to secure a high rank in CLAT Entrance Exam.

So now you're probably looking out for CLAT Online Coaching Classes to kickstart your CLAT Preparation right away for CLAT 2022 or CLAT 2023 maybe? 

So, fret not my friend, we will provide you with the most relevant and updated, and useful information regarding the 7 Best Online CLAT Coaching. As our main goal is to help you achieve your dream to have a bright and successful career.

CLAT Online Coaching

We understand that any candidate preparing for CLAT right now during the pandemic time, finds it challenging to select the Best Online Coaching for CLAT out of all the available options out there. Therefore, we will conclude our discussion with the top 7 CLAT Online Coachings in India.

Nowadays, as we all know, due to the pandemic, online coaching institutes have emerged as an attractive alternative solution for studying for any competitive exam. And it turned out that Online Coaching has a lot more to offer than Classroom Coaching.  

As CLAT Online Coaching of today’s time contains all of the necessary study resources that can be easily accessed anywhere and anytime, as well as it provides you with many helpful features and 24*7 guidance, things that were not possible with the offline coaching.

Therefore, sit tight or maybe instead relax for a change because we've got you covered and will help you make the best decision as to which CLAT Online Coaching will be the most suited to you because we value your time and your efforts. So, continue reading forward to find out all the important details concerning the CLAT Online Coaching, such as we will provide you with a proper description of the fees, syllabus, etc.

Here’s the list of the 7 Best Online Coachings For CLAT 2022 & 2023 Preparation -


The first Institute that we have on our list of the Best Online Coaching for CLAT Entrance Preparation is ClearExam.

ClearExam is an excellent choice for being the success ladder in your CLAT Entrance Preparation. Students regard ClearExam as one of the most reliable resources for obtaining success in the CLAT Entrance Exam. 

When it comes to ClearExam, it is a shining star in the galaxy of passionate teachers. The teachers' adherence to proper etiquette is noteworthy. They are also well-known for their knowledge-building and teaching methods.

Based on our analysis, ClearExam also ensures that each student receives a personalized assessment. The best thing about their faculty is the dedication they have towards their students. Batches are kept small just for this reason so that the teachers can pay individual attention to each of the students, track their progress and help them improve their performance so that they can do better in the Entrance Exam.

Their Live Classes are very lively, interactive, and engaging. Students are always encouraged to speak up about their doubts and queries. They also expect all students to attend lectures on a regular basis. However, only a valid explanation for the student's absence is accepted. As a result of the regulations followed, the class stands out. And they are really good when it comes to valuing each and every aspirant.

Aside from this, when you’re considering enrolling in a coaching center, there should be some key factors or characteristics that should be considered and kept in mind while making the decision. And ClearExam has got just the thing for you to help you give some clarity because their goal is to help as many students as they can to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Take a look at this informative video from ClearExam, and check out what all characteristics a good CLAT Coaching should have before making a decision -

Best Coaching Institute for CLAT in Delhi | Best strategy to crack CLAT in 1st Attempt | CLAT 2022

At ClearExam, they ensure that all the mock tests are completed properly through specific online portals. They have sectional, topic wise and full-length mock tests available which are based on the latest CLAT Exam Pattern consisting of comprehension-based questions. To make learning more enjoyable, the lectures incorporate a quiz competition. 

Furthermore, their recorded lectures help the students with clearing their doubts, revision as well as in learning at their own pace.

They are one of the Best CLAT Online Coaching since they provide additional help on any matter the students come across and raise a query for. Therefore, we hope that you will consider enrolling with CLAT Online Coaching provided by ClearExam for your bright future. 

As ClearExam is considered to be one of the best Online CLAT Coaching in delhi Institutes according to thousands of students who made a selection in top universities and have created a bright future for themselves. So, what are you holding out for?

Enroll in the top CLAT preparation courses available by ClearExam Today. Book yourself a free Demo today and Decide your future.

Here are the details for you so that you don’t need to go anywhere -


Head Office: Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi

Contact Number: +91-9394949438

Mail us at:

Or you can WhatsApp us regarding any query and get instant reply:  ClearExam WhatsApp


  • Law Prep Tutorial

Law Prep Tutorial is one of the CLAT Online Coaching for CLAT 2022 & 2023 Preparation on our list. It was rated one of India's Top CLAT Coaching Institutes. Law Prep Tutorial has approximately 12 centers spread over India. Positive comments from toppers also help to build the reputation of this CLAT Online Coaching

They also provide online crash courses. As a result, you can pick Law Prep Tutorial for your CLAT preparation.

They also provide additional GK notes. Their materials contain artistically creative notes to keep people involved. This Institute ensures that all aspects required to pass the exam are covered. They will also prepare an excellent curriculum for you.


  • T.I.M.E. Coaching Institute

The Triumphant institution of management education a.k.a. T.I.M.E. Institute is another good option on our list of Best Online CLAT Coachings. It’s a well-known institute for various entrance exams, especially management-related entrance exams. Based on our analysis, they provide one of the best structured online courses.

Additionally, many mock tests are given to provide aspirants with ample practice to boost their preparation. Although at the end of the day, what we really wish and hope for is that no matter whichever CLAT Online Coaching feels up to your standard, you may pass your CLAT Entrance with flying colors. 

In addition, the faculty ensures that the students are kept up to date on the new exam pattern.


  • Career Launcher

Career Launcher is another one of those reputed names on our list of the Best CLAT Online Coaching for CLAT preparation. Furthermore, Career Launcher has a presence throughout India, with a good number of branches. It also offers the aspirants ample useful and relevant content to pass the exam. 

The courses offered are appropriate for students in their eleventh and twelfth grades, as well as repeating aspirants.

As the name implies, Career Launcher assists you in establishing a successful legal career by enrolling in their CLAT Online Coaching. They also provide a plethora of internet resources that are beneficial to the aspirants. As a result, Career Launcher provides one of the top CLAT preparation courses available online.


  • Gradeup

Gradeup also contributes to our list of the Best CLAT Online Coaching. The course excels because of its high-rated feedback and student satisfaction. Gradeup also features an exclusive faculty for the benefit of the students. 

In addition to CLAT, they offer a variety of other law courses to prospective students.

Despite it being a bit on the expensive side of the CLAT Online Course, they offer a number of interactive live lectures. Furthermore, they give students a sufficient amount of study material. Gradeup provides 300 hours of interactive online lectures. The huge number of mock tests increases the student's confidence.


  • CLATapult

CLATapult is also here making the list for the Best Online CLAT Coaching. This CLAT Online Coaching is mostly driven by outstanding students. 

Furthermore, their unique specialty distinguishes them from the rest. CLATaput, on the other hand, is based on the principle that every student should be allowed to pursue their own aspirations rather than being told to do so by others. 

As a result, the decade-old coaching class is a great help to students preparing for the CLAT.


  • HitBullsEye

Hitbullseye is also on our list of the Best CLAT Online Coaching because it is a comprehensive online platform that offers online coaching for entrance exams such as CLAT, IPM, DU JAT, and other undergraduate entrance exams. 

Every year, a large number of people visit the platform. Hitbullseye's creative approach to in-class assignments and other activities has blurred the barriers between a physical and online classroom. It includes a massive database of over 1 lakh practice questions and recorded content videos, E-booklets, and assignments.                                                                                                                                              

Is Online Coaching Good For CLAT? Should You Wait For Things To Get Better and Sit For CLAT Entrance Next Year With Classroom Coaching?

Because Time is an expensive commodity and you can literally buy anything with money except time. So, now that makes it a priceless commodity. Therefore, you cannot, in a sense, afford to waste time. Even more than money, time is your more precious investment, so instead of waiting for improved conditions and hoping for things to go back to normalcy, opt for CLAT Online Coaching instead for your CLAT Entrance Preparation.

We understand your apprehension for entertaining this thought of dropping the preparation for a year. As there have been a  lot of misconceptions and negative publicity going around when it comes to Online Coaching, not just CLAT Online Coaching

One of the major reasons for all this is its newness. CLAT Online Coaching like any other Entrance Exam Online Coaching was always there but only for students who had some kind of limitations be it physical or geographical was it of importance, but it was never a necessity or need for everyone else.

But due to the pandemic, it suddenly became a requirement, a must-have and when it became the need of the time, many people were left feeling uncomfortable because of the unfamiliarity the whole aspect of CLAT Online Coaching brought them. 

It’s basic human psychology, if something is suddenly imposed on you, it might take a long while for you to accommodate yourself to it, meanwhile, there would always be some people who’d never feel comfortable with it enough to reap its benefits.

Similarly, If students were slowly eased into learning via CLAT Online Coaching, the results would have been drastically different than what it turned out to be.

To further support the statement that you should indeed get enrolled with a CLAT Online Coaching for your CLAT Entrance Preparation, and not follow these wrong misconceptions about CLAT Online Coaching, you need to understand these factors:

CLAT Online Coaching

Pros/Advantages of CLAT Online Coaching: Breaking the myths surrounding CLAT Online Coaching

  • CLAT Online Coaching isn’t that much different from your classroom coaching. The only difference is that one is virtual and the other is physical.
  • You don’t need to spend time traveling back and forth. Think of all the money you’re saving on travel expenses enrolling with CLAT Online Coaching.
  • With CLAT Online Coaching, you can study from the comfort of your home, and we all can agree that there’s nothing better than being able to study from home. We all have wished for it from time to time.
  • You cannot take all your books everywhere, but you can take your laptops, tablets, and phones wherever you go. Makes studying really convenient with all your study material available online, courtesy of your CLAT Online Coaching.
  • Psychologically, it’s much better to go with CLAT Online Coaching and study from your phones or tablets than old-fashioned books as the new generation is mostly on their phones anyway. And books equals boredom for them.
  • All your content is in one place. Your study books, practice books, supplementary books, Mock tests, Current affairs timeline, Vocabs, Important notes, latest news and notifications related to the entrance, 24*7 assistance from management, all your recorded lectures, and live classes. CLAT Online Coaching can be accessed directly from your phone. Kinda cool, if you ask me.
  • The expense is less as well. Classroom Coachings charge you a lot more fees than online coaching. So, you can save a good deal of money enrolling in CLAT Online Coaching and getting more benefits than classroom coaching.
  • The faculty, their teaching methods, and techniques, all are still the same. The only thing that changed is the mode via which you’ll be consuming all the content and instead in a classroom, you’ll see them talking from the inside of your phone screen. The rest is all the same. So, get rid of your wariness regarding CLAT Online Coaching.
  • Similarly, when it comes to your entrance exam, the course syllabus, exam pattern, and marking scheme, all of it will be the same as before. So, you would be taught the same topics in the CLAT Online Coaching via the same expert faculty who have taught the same thing to the students for decades and have a great track record of success.
  • One of the most ridiculous misconceptions that people claim regarding CLAT Online Coaching is that you can’t study as well in Online classes as you can in offline mode. Whereas, It’s far from the truth. It’s all about how sincere, committed, focused, dedicated, disciplined, devoted, and diligent you’re towards your goal to prepare for the entrance.


We hope that with such an in-depth explanation, we were able to convince you a little better in terms of providing you with some much-needed clarity when it comes to CLAT Online Coaching and its pros and cons. And that you should not waste your precious time, instead invest it wisely, get enrolled in one of the best CLAT Online Coachings, and kickstart your CLAT Entrance Preparation.

Moving on to the next question,

What Is The Exam Pattern Of CLAT 2022?

Casually speaking, the main pointers of any exam pattern are basically the number of questions asked, time duration of the exam, mode of the exam, the language of the paper, marking scheme, and the weightage of sections or subjects. But it is a lot more significant than this. An Exam Pattern holds a lot of importance to any student preparing for an Entrance Exam.

CLAT Online Coaching

For reference, CLAT Exam Pattern holds a major significance to any of the aspirants preparing for the Law Entrance. They cannot begin their preparation without thoroughly going through the exam pattern, and gaining a proper understanding of it. Because an exam pattern is not just numbers and details. 

It also includes the paper pattern, such as what subjects have what weightage in the paper, questions from which sections are asked more often, type of questions, their difficulty level, frequency of occurrence, repetitive questions, questions from which sections are almost never asked, etc.

All of these details greatly affect the preparation strategy of the students. With the proper understanding of the exam pattern, students get better able to decide on a study plan delegating different subjects or sections appropriate practice time according to the weightage they have in the real paper. 

Other than that, they also get a clear idea of what difficulty level they should expect when it comes to the real paper as well as how the questions will be asked, the type of questions, and their phrasing. All of this information helps them prepare better.

The CLAT Exam Pattern and CLAT Syllabus are therefore the same as 2021 as there are no changes. You can check the complete CLAT Syllabus in detail below -

CLAT Syllabus 2022 | New-Pattern Based CLAT Entrance Exam Syllabus | Download CLAT 2022 Syllabus PDF


Now, moving on to the Exam Pattern of CLAT 2022 -

  • CLAT 2022 will have five sections in total which you might already know includes Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning, Legal Aptitude, General Knowledge & Current Affairs.
  • It will be conducted via offline mode a.k.a pen and paper mode like always.
  • The marking scheme is pretty basic, for each of your correct answers you’ll get one mark and for each of your incorrect or wrong answers, 0.25 marks will be deducted.
  • Coming to the number of questions and time duration of the paper, there will only be 150 MCQs to answer in 120 minutes consisting of 150 marks in total.
  • CLAT 2022 will not have any descriptive-type questions.
  • The questions will be comprehension- based, and in the MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) format.
  • The Exam Paper will be in the English Language.

View At A Glance: CLAT 2022 Sectional Weightage & How Many Questions Will Be Asked In CLAT 2022? 


No. of MCQs

Maximum Marks

The weightage (in %)

Verbal Ability




Current Affairs & General Knowledge




Logical Reasoning




Legal Aptitude




Quantitative Aptitude (up to Class 10)








Are There Any Changes In The CLAT Exam Pattern?

Thankfully there are no changes, none, nada. Changes in the exam pattern once in 2020 were enough to shake up everyone connected to the CLAT Entrance. If there were to be changes made every year, students, as well as Edtech Institutes providing coaching, would probably go crazy trying to keep up with the updates. 

So, as far as the Consortium of NLUs is concerned, you should continue your preparation freely according to the latest Exam Pattern of CLAT.

So, the changes are as they were before, the number of questions was reduced from 200 to 150 and the comprehensive questions were added to the paper. Like now the CLAT paper is filled with a great deal of comprehension-based questions, so you should better catch up on all that reading which you probably ignored cause it felt boring to you. You can do it. We’re cheering for you!

What Type Of Questions Will Be Asked In CLAT 2022?

Coming to the question regarding the type of questions being asked in the CLAT Entrance Exam, the major point to keep in mind is that just knowing won’t do you any good. You have to practice with diligence till the important topics become your strength.

So, as far as the type of questions asked in the CLAT Entrance is concerned, it’s pretty basic. When the CLAT Exam Pattern changed in 2020, it left us with only one thing: Comprehension-based Questions. Now in your CLAT Exam Paper, you will find comprehension passages in each section, and then based on that comprehension or passage, there will be MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) asked and then you just have to answer from your understanding of that comprehension or passage.

So, we encourage you to read. Read as much as possible. Learn how to read lengthy passages in few minutes, only taking in the needed information and filtering out the rest of the useless information. How to comprehend even the most difficult passages and answer correctly. And that won’t happen if you won’t start reading. 

So, make reading your new hobby, passion, love, whatever suits your will to read, and put your back to it.

There will not be any descriptive type of questions in the CLAT Exam Paper. They were even taken out of the CLAT PG Exam Paper to make it a little easier for the students. But that doesn’t mean you can tick any answer you want just because it’s objective-based (remember the negative marking).

Does CLAT 2022 Have Negative Marking?

A better question would be, why does CLAT 2022 have Negative Marking? It feels like such a nuisance, a scary one because there are always chances of you getting a low score not because you didn’t answer enough questions correctly but because you answer enough questions negatively that it reduced your overall score.

So, why does CLAT 2022 have Negative marking when there are Entrance Exams out there with no negative marking and are doing just fine? Well, let’s look at it this way. CLAT is a national level entrance exam, conducted by the Consortium of NLUs for obtaining admission to the 22 NLUs (National Law Universities), there are a total of 23 NLUs by the way, the 23rd being the NLU Delhi, and it has its own entrance, Called AILET (All India Law Entrance Test). 

So, it only accepts the students based on their score on the AILET Entrance Test cond instead of CLAT.

So, these are the top universities or you can say dream colleges that law aspirants want to study in after they clear their CLAT Entrance. But the number of students who dream of getting admission to one of the NLUs is a lot more than the actual number of seats in the mentioned NLUs.

That’s why the authorities who oversee everything CLAT-related, have made the entrance marking scheme in this way. This way, due to negative marking, it is easier to have a proper cut-off score and in this way, not all students get to enjoy a seat in one of the reputed National Law Universities. 

When there’s negative marking, you won’t blindly answer the questions, hoping your guesswork might pay off. There won’t be any win just cause of sheer luck. Only those who were capable (because they answered most of the questions correctly) will get the chance to study at the top National Law University.

What Is The Level Of Questions Asked In The CLAT?

CLAT Entrance Test is a highly theoretical and application-based Exam. When it comes to the level of the questions asked in the CLAT Exam, it varies from subject to subject.

Such as, when you consider Quantitative Technique, the questions asked from this particular section are of class 10th level. But even that covers various challenging topics, such as Algebra, Number System, Geometry and Mensuration, Percentages, Simplifications, Profit & Loss, Simple Interest and Compound Interest, Ratio and Proportion, Mixtures and Alligations, Average, Time Speed Distance, Time and Work, Venn Diagrams, etc.

But when it comes to the other subjects which include Logical Reasoning, Legal Aptitude, Verbal Ability, and Current Affairs & General Knowledge, the level of questions asked in the CLAT Entrance Exam is of class 12th level.


The Most Asked Question: How Can I Score Full Marks in CLAT?

How Indeed. That is something all the future law aspirants want to know desperately. So, we have decided to disclose the secret of how to obtain full marks in the CLAT Exam. Are you ready to accept and adhere to it during the whole of your CLAT Entrance Preparation? Do you swear? Here you go then!

CLAT Online Coaching

First, a little story behind the Ultimate Secret to Success -

One of the main reasons why students are always almost pestered about practicing as many questions as possible and then some more is simply because Practice will build better recalling power. The more you practice, the better you will be able to recall it. It’s simple science really. 

Think of it this way, for this entrance exam thousands of students will be sitting alongside you, students belonging from different parts of the country, with different schools, with different skill sets. Starting to feel a little worried Yet? That’s not enough.

Imagine the number of schools in your city, think about the number of toppers in not just each school, but from every class of each school. Feeling overwhelmed now? Don’t worry, we have the tonic that will make you the best among them and will give you the edge that you really, really need to succeed in the entrance exam. Practice. That’s it. One word mantra - Practice.

Practice will help you solve the questions with ease and confidence that will increase your accuracy along with your speed (yay time management skills) and you’ll be able to take up questions from any mock or previous year paper or practice book without getting scared, which will not only make you better than your peers but will also give you an edge on the actual exam day.

So, after you’re done with a topic, practice the hell out of it. Seriously. Do it. And then take up questions for that topic from your practice books provided by CLAT Online Coaching and solve the questions from the CLAT Previous year papers, as well as most important, attempt the mock tests of that particular topic and analyze your performance.

If you find that you’ve got the hang of the topic and can take up any question from the topic with confidence even under pressure and get correct answer all the while maintaining speed and accuracy, then move on to the next topic, else, you know, repeat the mantra - Practice.


Why Should You Join Online Coaching for CLAT? What are the Benefits of Joining CLAT Online Coaching?

Why do it really? Why get enrolled in CLAT Online Coaching? Why not do the self-study on your own, all by yourself instead of going for a reputed CLAT Online Coaching with a great track record of success stories for your CLAT Entrance Preparation? 

The answer is pretty simple - The significance or we can say the Importance of qualifying for the CLAT Entrance Exam with a score good enough to land yourself a seat in one of the top Law universities is great.

The frequency of the exam is one year. One complete year. Getting delayed in your future plans or career path by a year might not seem like a big deal but it is and you’ll only know it if you’ll go through it. And that it never happens, for that, we are here.

On the list of the many reasons why you should go for CLAT Online Coaching, and how it will benefit you, here we go,

CLAT Online Coaching

Let’s start with the most basic of reasons, so you should enroll in CLAT Online Coaching because the number of seats available and the number of candidates competing for them varies greatly. With 2622 seats and over 70,000 applicants, getting a high rank and making the cut-off to earn a place on one of the campuses becomes extremely challenging. 

So, without proper expert guidance and training, the chances of securing a place would get really tough.

Getting Enrolled with CLAT Online Coaching will help you in various ways, such as it will help you have a structured preparation plan which you can easily follow without the fear of missing something. 

Proper and detailed information will be provided to you related to the CLAT Entrance Exam, in regards to CLAT Syllabus, CLAT Exam Pattern, Best Study Materials and Books for CLAT Preparation, CLAT Application Form, Exam Date, and other relevant news and notifications.

With CLAT Online Coaching, the Live Classes will be properly organized and timely scheduled, topics will be taught according to the exam pattern, important topics, type of questions asked, their difficulty level, and sectional weightage of it in the real paper. The teaching faculty will consist of experts with decades of rich experience in their respective fields and success stories of thousands of selections to show for.

One of the best benefits that you’ll get out of joining a CLAT Online Coaching is the recorded lectures. Let’s express it in three different scenarios to emphasize its importance -

The first scenario is when you’re in a classroom and the teacher is going on about the topic and you don’t get something they said, now you’re in a dilemma - i) whether it will make you look extremely stupid because of the doubt you have is not worth being doubt and you’re scared of ruining your reputation and becoming a laughing stock among your classmates. ii) The teacher doesn’t know that you have a doubt because you haven’t spoken up and he has moved on and now you’re wondering if you should just let the doubt go.

Now, the end result is that you couldn’t focus on the rest of the class properly because of your dilemma and now you’re left with doubt and a lack of clarity about the rest of the topic taught. And you cannot go back and ask the teacher to take the class again just because you were nervous to speak up.

The second scenario is when you have a really important lecture or maybe a not-so-important one, and you end up falling really sick and can’t make it to the class. Now you’ll get notes of the class from your classmates, and any study material given in the class will be accessible to you as well. But the actual lecture, where the teacher explained the complete topic in in-depth detail, that once missed will be forever missed.

And now the last one, the third scenario, in which you didn’t miss any lecture but your exam date is near and you’ve moved on to the revision phase of your CLAT Entrance Preparation. So you attend the revision class, and after a couple of weeks when you’re revising the same topic on your own, you get stuck on a couple of problems and you don’t know what to do about it cause you clearly cannot ask for another revision class just to clear your doubts!


So, the solution of all these three scenarios is pretty simple and CLAT Online Coaching solved such huge problems in just one go, by providing its students with the recorded lectures of all the live classes. So, no matter what happens, be it you missing a class, needing revision, or learning at your own pace, do it all with the recorded lectures provided to you by your CLAT Online Coaching.

You're staying at home due to the pandemic, and if you're a law aspirant preparing for the CLAT Entrance Exam at home, emphasis on home, and that too without enrollment in any CLAT Online Coaching, you know that staying at home would make you complacent and will create a lack of regularity when it comes to studying. 

At home, we are surrounded by various distractions, making it difficult to focus and study for a competitive exam that demands a thorough preparation.

So, yes studying in CLAT Online Coaching from the comfort of your cozy home in your PJs is really a blessing in disguise but don’t misuse it and don’t take it for granted. Utilize this time you’re saving up from all the back and forth traveling to your coaching.

Another great noteworthy advantage of CLAT Online Coaching is that it has made things super convenient for you. You don’t have to carry your books around all the time, you have got everything inside your phone. 

From study books to supplementary and practice books, to Online portal consisting of Online Mock Test series (Sectional, topic wise and full-length) with proper performance analysis, daily vocabs for legal and verbal sections, monthly current affairs timeline, online study notes, quizzes, telegram group for news and notifications updates.

So, enrolling in CLAT Online coaching would be the best course of action because it will not only provide you with a routine and help you study with focus, but it will also provide you with important study resources to help you prepare better for your CLAT Entrance Exam.


Which Mock Test Series Is Best For CLAT? How Do You Give Mocks For CLAT? : How To Attempt CLAT Mock Tests

A Mock Test Series, which includes, i) Questions based on the latest and updated exam pattern. ii) Consists of all types of questions that are asked in the real exam, iii) Maintains proper difficulty level in accordance with the real entrance paper, iv) Consists of Sectional, topic-wise, and full-length mocks), and v) provides proper and detailed analysis of the mock can be considered the Best Mock Test Series for CLAT.

CLAT Online Coaching

Now, the dilemma you’re left with is deciding which CLAT Mock Test Series would be the right one for you to buy. 

First, you’re spending money on it, second, the Mock papers can really affect the level of your preparation as it is a great factor when we consider our progress. The performance analysis we get out of the mock tests helps us get better and improve so that we can do better in the real exam.

So, while deciding which CLAT Mock Test Series will be best for you in order to help you boost your performance and give your CLAT Preparation an edge, you can consider going with ClearExam’s CLAT Mock Test Series. It fulfills all the points a good CLAT Mock Test Series should have. 

Therefore, it won’t be a waste of your resources to go with ClearExam’s CLAT Mock Test Series for your CLAT Preparation.

Check out the best way to attempt a CLAT Mock Test according to the experts with the help of this short video provided by ClearExam-

Best CLAT 2022 Mock test Series Online | Best way to attempt New Pattern CLAT Mock Test Series

Coming to the question of how to attempt the CLAT Mock Test, is pretty simple. 

i) Delegate time to each section and even to the questions.   
ii) Move on from the question if you don’t know the answer and are unsure about it.   
iii) Read carefully. A lot of mistakes happen because under pressure we don’t read properly.   
iv) Don’t make guesses, it’s a mock to test your understanding of the topic, so if you don’t know how to solve a certain question, that’s your homework.   
v) Don’t think giving the mock test is all. You need to analyze the analysis and work on your weak areas to improve your performance.

Mostly, what matters most, is that you practice. Practice as many mocks as possible. After every topic, give mock tests for topics and work on your concept clarity. When it comes to the significance of the practice to crack any entrance exam, you can say that preparing for CLAT Entrance is sort of a make-or-break situation, therefore when you’re preparing for CLAT Entrance Exam, you need to be extra everything.

You need to be extra diligent in following your preparation plan end to end, no matter how hard it gets, you need to be completely committed to complete your daily quota of topics and practice pre-decided by you. You need to be devoted to your preparation even when a question isn’t coming to you even after many tries or you’re not able to comprehend a concept or memorize a trick or formula, keep at it with complete devotion.

Dedicate yourself to your preparation, don’t be tempted to take frequent breaks which turn into hours, don’t slack off thinking you can skip a day of practice and will resume the next day. There are no cheat days in Entrance exam preparation. 

Be sincere, study on your own, don’t study for pretense sake, and don’t study to show others that you’re studying. That way you’ll only be setting them up for a grand level of disappointment when you won’t score well.

So, remember practice makes a human perfect. And to err is human so if you haven’t started practicing yet, start now and you’ll catch up in no time in order to succeed in your entrance exam.

Where Can I Download CLAT Previous Year Papers PDF? How to Solve CLAT Previous Year Question Papers PDF?

CLAT Previous Year Papers PDF are always very much in demand and they most certainly should be, as CLAT Entrance is known for repeating its questions. And with an Entrance that has a negative marking, wouldn’t it pay off better to be better prepared than go in blindly. 

Solving CLAT Previous Year Question Papers will give you a clear idea as to what type of questions you should expect, what will the difficulty level if your preparation is up to the standard of the question paper.

So, jot down solving CLAT Previous Year Question Papers in your study plan and double mark it, because it’s that important.

CLAT Online Coaching

Coming to another important aspect of this topic, that is, how to attempt the CLAT Previous Year Question Paper, we have got this short insightful video for you. 

This video explains everything, from how to attempt CLAT Previous Year Papers, How to use CLAT Question Paper to your advantage to give your CLAT Preparation a boost in the right direction, to the many perks or benefits of solving CLAT Previous Year Papers. You’re welcome!

CLAT Previous Year Paper Pdf Download | CLAT Last Year Papers | CLAT Previous Year Question Paper


Now comes the ultimate question, where Can you download CLAT Previous Year Papers PDF? There are many sites out there that attract people to increase their site traffic but don’t give out the download link for CLAT Previous Year Papers PDF. Then there are some who want to charge you for granting you access to download the CLAT Previous Year Question Papers PDf.

And we really hate that. We don’t want you to feel cheated out of money and so we are going to give you an honest to God, genuine website link where you can find all the CLAT Previous Year Papers PDF Link to Download for Free, yes you heard that right. 

You can download all the CLAT Previous Year Question Papers PDF Free of Cost! Because ClearExam cares about the students first, profit is always second to them.

Link to site where you can download all the CLAT Previous Year Papers PDF - 

CLAT 2022: Download CLAT Previous Year Question Papers PDF | CLAT Past Year Papers PDF with Answer Key

 In the end, we hope that after careful consideration you will pick the right CLAT Online Coaching for your CLAT Preparation, and we wish you success in your Entrance Exam, irrespective of the coaching Institute you’ll end up getting enrolled in. Because at the end of the day, you are the driver of your preparation. Your sincerity, hard work, and dedication will determine the outcome of your preparation.

Wishing you all the best!